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QSA (Quantum Science Audio) technology is the result of more than 23 years of R&D with the ultimate aim of replicating the emotional music connection of live performances.


Being able to unlock the correlation between scientific measurements and the emotional connection was the driver to achieve the QSA goal and the result is an unmatched musical experience with the kind of magic that has never been experienced before.

QSA technology can be applied to all kinds of conductors and it uses:

  • Metal Molecular Activation Technology (MAT)

  • Musical Metal molecule Alignment Technology (MMAT)

  • Skin Deep Compensation Technology (SDCT)

The impacts on conductors are a more efficient flow of electrons which allows for greater conductivity and the removal of the bottle-neck Distortions. Those impacts reveal the hidden potential of every element in the music chain resulting in an unmatched and unique musical experience.

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